Fresh Start

Dear Parents of VSPS Students;

Some strategy for January.  Start now, start fresh.  Start each day, fresh.

It is quite common in the New Year for people to re-set, to check on personal goals and hopes and dreams within themselves.

It is a good season to look at these topics.  Sometimes this process brings some fear, or some resistance.  This is natural to the human experience.

Sometimes we take a step forward and then, sadly we fall.

But those who do not let this worry them, those who get up and simply start fresh all over again the next day, are those who are most likely to succeed.

Yes, the tortoise wins the race!  As long as the tortoise knows what it is doing……..

Please read this letter with your children in an age appropriate discussion.  

Starting this week, we will re-set with new goals, but I want the students to already have had these ideas running in their mind, so that our first lesson begins within taking a step forward already.  Let’s not be passive.  Make one change happen.  And then, let’s see what music we can make happen.

Start fresh.  Start again.  Let your hopes and dreams inspire you, but let the simple goal you set, give you access to your hopes and dreams.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

See you soon,

“How will beauty sound?  How can you make energy sound?”

Bambie Maree

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