The Victoria - Niagara Suzuki Piano - Music School

Offering Lessons
IN-Studio & ON-Line

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Returning students will be granted priority in lesson times.


Semester One:   September 11th ~ January 27th

Semester Two:  February – June

Make up dates:

January 30th and 31st.

Statutory Holidays are observed:


Remembrance Day

Christmas Break: December 9th – January 2nd.

“Because music is so important to the molding of the human character, it is essential that we teach it to our children.”


“How touching it is that man has this instinct, this joy and sentiment for music. Through the little children these things, art, and music, remain forever with humanity.”

Maria Montessori

“Talent; simply the possibility for the sprout to grow. With Love, anything can be accomplished!”

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

“A school without music is a school without a soul, for music aids education. It is a most effective means to obtain discipline, morality, and help good feeling.”

St. John Bosco – late 19th Century Italian Priest who devoted his life to developing educational programs for street children

“Practice teaches us about ourselves, who we are, and what we can become. You must make music happen. It’s in your hands and in your mind. Imagine THAT!”

Bambie Maree