Musica dei Bambini

A child’s first music experience

Instilling a love of learning and a joy of expression

a life long music making experience.

•Introductory nursery song, movement and rhythm classes for parents and children (3-5 years) old in a Montessori-style music environment.

We present an artistic setting for learning where your child comes first.

Therefore, it is imperative to me that the student feels nurtured as we grow together to establish a life long tradition of making music happen now.

Piano School

“We are not teaching these children to become professional musicians. We are teaching them to be exceptional people.”

Dr. Schinichi Suzuki   

Piano Lessons  – beginner, middle and high school

• A Montessori-styled music environment for young children

• A personalized quality music program for middle and high school students

Teaching strategic study and research tools.

Instilling music reading, theory and literacy.

A creative research strategy that builds profound practice habits.

Achievement of a Quality Standard of musicianship, one step at a time.

Instilling values of self control, delayed gratification,

perseverance, goal setting and the celebration of achievements.

Teaching performance etiquette, composure and articulation in public speaking.

Practicing concert guest behaviour;  developing listening skills, music appreciation and understanding.

Developing a master-apprentice mentor relationship that is shared between the teacher, the parent and fellow students.

Welcome to our joyful family experience!  –  Over 40 years sharing music with families