Nurtured by Love & Mother Tongue Approach

In thirty-five years, I have taught all different piano styles and developed a broad range of  music programs for children in Day Cares, Montessori and Middle Schools. I strongly feel that the best specific music methodology for young children and the longest lasting positive effects happen within a modified Suzuki environment.

It provides the greatest success because of the nature of sharing the love of music with those that you love within a quality standard of music education.  It is mentorship within mother tongue in a natural environment.  Mother tongue means learning to listen first, and then fluency in speech.  Our language is music.  Hearing it leads to the ability to play it, study leads to the fluency in literacy; to read and write this language.  This provides full expression, balanced experience.

These are some of the Suzuki philosophies that changed the way music was introduced to young children:

“If love is deep, much can be accomplished.”

“Work less on the child and more on the environment”

“Talent, the possibility of a sprout to grow.”

“Ability is something you create.”

“We are not teaching these children to make them professional musicians.  I believe sensitivity and love toward music and art are important to all people.  I am praying for the day when people all over the world will find truth and beauty in their lives.”

Schinichi Suzuki

My studio and teaching style is totally child centered and each child develops singularly, independently,  in their own time.  Personal study and personal  success.

It is important to me that the student feels nurtured in a loving and safe environment in which to learn, that it is as free of the stress of the world as is humanly possible to present.  It is also important for this to be the goal of the family as we all work together to establish a tradition and the joy of “making music happen”.

A wholesome, happy, family experience of sharing the tradition of music.

“Teaching is like:

Walking through the forest and watching the unfurling of a primordial fern; or bearing silent witness to the butterfly as its sticky wings unfold and flap in the sun before it takes its first flight…..


Forever God’s magic in us………


Breathtakingly hopeful………

Eternally free to soar and become…….”