Responses from Parents

“Bambie’s enthusiastic and fun approach to teaching keeps my 7 year old engaged and she’s learning so fast! Lessons are just the right mix of informal yet structured and Bambie’s years of experience shine through every week.”


“Bambie is, without a doubt, the epitome of what one could wish for in a music educator. Her blend of patience, expertise, and the unique ability to connect with each student is unparalleled. With over 30 + years of experience, she has crafted a teaching style reminiscent of a musical Montessori, nurturing each child’s individual talent and curiosity. We feel incredibly fortunate to have her as our children’s first guide into the world of music and piano at The Victoria Suzuki Piano School. Her lessons extend beyond just music; they imbue our children with confidence, discipline, and a love for learning, truly bringing out the best in every student.”


“The continuing education that my daughter has received through the Victoria Suzuki Piano School has allowed her to see the big picture regarding music and it will serve her well through her entire life. Her advance knowledge of theory and sight reading has been an asset through the other music in her life (music class and violin). She was able to begin playing another instrument with ease. She enjoys being challenged and encouraged to know why music is written a specific way. Piano has become an activity that she enjoys and takes pride in playing for others. She is drawn to the piano regularly due to her love for it, not as a task that must be completed!”


“My daughter has thrived under the instruction of Ms. Bambie. The studio is a warm and welcoming environment with a sense of community. Students have several formal and informal opportunities to build confidence and perform for their peers. The lessons are structured, yet flexible and fun. Ms. Bambie’s passion for music is palpable, and her knowledge and experience is vast and generously shared with students of all ages. “